Vera Felicidade


Vera Felicidade is a Brazilian psychologist, graduated from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ. She has been working in psychotherapy since the late sixties and is considered an authority on Gestalt in Brazil. She is the author of 11 books, the first one published in 1972 and the last one in 2017 all of them been a result of conceptual imagedevelopment of a psychotherapeutic theory she has created and named Psicoterapia Gestaltista. This theory is a psychotherapeutic counterpart of Gestalt Psychology and the author is identified as a thinker very much concerned with epistemology and with the confrontation of dualisms easily found in psychology. Vera is influenced by Gestalt Psychology, Phenomenology and Dialectical Materialism. Besides of daily work in psychotherapeutic clinical care and the writing of books, she has been regularly publishing papers in specialized magazines and newspapers (in portuguese).

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Gestalt Psychotherapy (the name Vera gave to her theory) is different from Gestalt Therapy (the name of Fritz Pearl's therapy). Both of them diverge in methodology and theoretical approach as well. The main point of divergence is that Perls accepts the psychoanalytic unconscious and Vera Felicidade negates it... Continue at Wikipedia (in portugueses)

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Gestalt Psychotherapy (Psicoterapia Gestaltista) shall answer the basic questions of what is a human being, how he develops himself, how to support the transformation of a human structure... Continue at Wikipedia (in portuguese)